“THE REAL POPULAR” 2 – Laneige & Too Cool For School

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Hello Ladies! This is Hannah from Korea 🙂

Today I came back with “THE REAL POPULAR” 2 – Laneige & Too cool for school!

As you know, cosmetics is not always about the price.

The expensive the better?

NOPE. Does not work like that.


And just because it’s from Korea. Is it always great?

NO. Korea also make some failing cosmetic products as well.


I Hope this will help you to only pick the Real hottest cosmetics from Korea.

Don’t let those sales ladies fool you anymore! And you can always trust me on the information i publish! I only write always the honest and 100% real posts with anybody else’s influence!


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I would say Korea has three different price range when it comes down to cosmetic. The lowest is like The Face Shop, Tonly Moly, Etude House and etc.

We call these brand “Road shop brands” as they are very easily accessible because you can find them anywhere on the road (street). The High-end brands are such as Hera, Sulhwasoo, Liricos and etc. and the ones in the middle! Are Laneige, Iope, Mamonde and etc. Laneige is especially very popular among women in their 20’s to 30’s.

I’ve seen middle age Korean women using Laneige too but i’ve also heard that they find it a bit too light for their skin.



  1. White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX (40ml / about 55,000 kyats in Korea) : This one has been selected many times as the best essence for whitening the skin. A lot of Koreans find the price very reasonable and use as a booster in the morning and at night. It was awarded many times globally as well!


2. Water Bank Gel Cream_EX (50ml / about 37,000 kyats in Korea) : When Koreans think of Laneige, this is the NO 1 item that we all picture of. This is so mild and suits any skin type. And especially great for a windy winter.

However, I think the best time to use this item is during the hot and dry summer in Myanmar. Because from March to May in Myanmar is especially very very hot. You probably sweat a lot and when you are losing a lot of moist, it’s best to continuously use a watery gel type to layer well.

Putting something rich and heavy will just make your skin look oily. But this item is just like basically pure water that hydrates your skin, it will work the best for you!


3. Water sleeping Pack ( 70ml / about 28,000 kyats in Korea)  : If you want something more than just a normal water bank gel cream while sleeping. This is what you should get for the smooth and silky skin the next morning.


4. Two Tone Lip Bar (2g / about 25,000 kyats in Korea) : This item came out not that long ago, but it immediately became a bestseller ! As Song Hyegyo wore this in the drama, it became so popular among women.

The most popular out of all the colors they have is no.12 Maxi Red. The perfect gradation will give you a plumbing sexy lips!


5. Two Tone Shadow Bar (2g / about 27,000 kyats in Korea) : Another two tone item that’s hitting all over in Korea. It’s especially popular among some women who don’t know how to match the eyeshadow color and do a well blending gradation.

The popular color is no.1! since it’s spring in Korea!


  1. BB Cushion Pore Control (15g x 2 / about 37,000 kyats in Korea) : It’s about 37,000 kyats in Korea including a refill. Price is reasonable and There are variety of color choices. The best thing about this item is that it’s cooling and prevents darkening as well.

They advertise that not only it controls the oil on your skin, it’s long lasting too but i am not so sure about the long lasting part in my personal experience. By the way, Better to look at the color options carefully, the colors are a bit white-ish.



스크린샷 2016-05-23 오후 7.11.09

This interesting name cosmetic brand from Korea wasn’t founded so long ago.

However, it’s one of the upcoming brands in Korea. Their skincare lines don’t have any particular accents but the makeup line is reviewed quite good among all the well-known korean bloggers.

If you visit their store, you will also be surprised with their cutesy and fun interior concept. I always enjoy visiting their stores!



  1. Art class by Rodin createur du contour (9.5g / about 16,000 kyats in Korea) : This product was even mentioned in the Korean Magazine as one of the recommended contour products. There are three colors in it and you can either choose or blend them all in to contour your face. A lot of Korean beauty bloggers use this product. By the way, brush is not included.


2. Check Glossy Blaster tint (4.8ml / about 10,000 kyats in Korea) : They have 11 different colors as an option. The most popular color is no.1 since too cool for school’s majority customers are women in 10’s and early 20’s.

My personal recommendation would be no.4 coral as I am always in love with the peach coral color! This lip tint will leave the glossy texture after applying and it’s quite long lasting as well. If you are seeking for something like YSL lip tint but cheaper and less sticky, this would be a great choice for you.


3. Perfect day makeup fixer (50ml / about 12,000kyats in Korea) : As you know, keeping it on point with your make up all day long is more important than putting make up on.

And for that so far… we’ve known that the urban decay makeup fixer is the best. However, This one is like a dupe of Urban Decay. Cheaper and works just as same as!


  1. Artify Double Long lash sharper (6g + 3g / about 19,000 kyats in Korea) : This was actually introduced even on Korean beauty TV program once before (Get it beauty). It’s a dual mascara with 4mm fiber to extend both your upper and under lashes so long.

It also includes the ingredients to protect your real lashes healthy as well. However, I am not so sure about the long lasting on this one in my personal opinion. Wasn’t exactly water-proof either.


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