Acne Skincare Details

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The most important thing for acne skin care i think is minimizing your skincare process. Some of you may have been so used to putting ten different products (like a lot of koreans).
But putting too much different stuff on your face will not help you any better.
The very basic idea of skincare is to moisturize well. And the following second will be cleansing well.
Let’s think of our skin as white papers. We put make up on like writing on a white paper with a pencil, we remove make up like we are trying to erase what we just wrote. But if we do not remove well, the residue of all the products we put on our face will still be on our skin. And trying to put all those essence, cream, lotion on top of it? frown emoticon
First! Please check what is your skin type!
❤️A. Occasional Skin trouble : Just a little bit of breakouts during period, stressful days, not enough sleep and etc. Usually goes away within few hours or a day as long as you drink enough water and sleep well.
????B. Frequent Acne issue : At any random time, your skin starts to break out and gets irritated. But if you take few days to a week to take a good care, it easily goes away.
????C. Serious Acne Prone Skin : Acne is always on your skin. You have been living your life with those horrible pimples on your face and you’ve got several marks on your skin already!
I have uploaded photos of Acne skincare products, read the captions below the photos and see which one is good for your skin!
And try to follow the simple acne skincare steps like this.
????* Cleansing -> Moisturize -> Spot products -> Sunscreen -> BB cream


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Cleansing Routine

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Cleansing Routine for All !

Please note that every skin type is different and my cleansing routine may not work on your skin.

So, Here is a routine you can follow.

A. Heavy make up day : Lip & Eye Remover -> Cleansing water -> Cleansing Oil -> Cleanser

B. Light make up day : Lip & Eye Remover -> Cleansing water -> Cleanser

C. No make up day : Cleansing water -> Cleanser

(Question. Why do we use the cleansing water on no make up day? Answer. Either you have make up on or not, you have probably sweat the whole day, and your skin is exposed to the dirt in the air the whole time. You need some light and mild base to wash up the dead skin on your face before you actually clean your pores with the cleanser.)

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