K-pop idol style makeup with Clinique Eyeliner

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last week, Clinique gave me three eyeliners as a gift and i was at their store in Myanmar plaza to pick up. And the one thing i was really really satisfied and impressed by was how friendly those sales ladies were!

I have had a couple of unpleasant experiences with the cosmetic counters in myanmar and because of that, I totally wasn’t expecting anything. but the sales ladies at clinique was super professional, friendly with bright smiles and was very patient the whole way through.


Especially one lady named “May Myo Aung” was extremely helpful. I just want to say that i thank her very much for her excellent service and if any of you are visiting clinique at myanmar plaza. You should look for her!






As i was thinking of writing a review of the eyeliners I got from Clinique, I decided to also put the K-pop idol style make up. This isn’t a tutorial for the makeup itself, so just casually see through how the eyeliner looks with full makeup 🙂

This is the K-pop idol style eye makeup detail. So you can see how i used the eyeliner (I used 09 intense ebony). I first draw a line both upper and under, and smudged them well to blend in with other eyeshadows and it came out to be purple-ish black look.


So, I got these items as a gift from Clinique. Small items are from the little gift pouch set and the main things for the review are three different colors of eyeliners.

4 Here are the main items for today!

5 08 Intense midnight is a deep dark blue color with pearl in it. 07 intense ivy is dark green color with pearl as well. And 09 intense ebony is just pure black color with no pearl.


So there are two sides. One is just simply to draw and the other one is to smudge it to make it look blended in eyeshadow.


So I wrote Hannah on my hand to test them out. First, I put some water on it (i don’t know if you can catch it well with your eyes) and i rubbed it with my finger to try if i could remove it. And the result was quite impressive. I would have to say this is 4 stars for as a waterproof. It smudged around a bit but overall, did not get removed at all.


And then I wanted to test out to see if this can be actually removed well when i use a remover. I grabbed my favorite cleansing water to removed and it worked just fine! These eyeliners are very strong with oil and water but removes so well when you use the cleanser. I was very satisfied with the results of my little tests!


Now, here are few things you should know about these eyeliners after reading through my review.

1. It’s definitely waterproof.

2. It’s easy to use. (just draw a line and use the brush tip to smudge it)

3. You can use as both eyeliner and shadow.

4. But the formula itself is too soft and weak. (it breaks easy. Don’t pressure it hard)

5. Case is very weak. ( it all just feel like cheap plastic cases, i can see them breaking easily. So be careful carrying it around)



Here is me picking out the eyeliner colors i like!

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